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How we work

The Safe Futures Foundation has successfully developed and implemented an alternative to the traditional response that waits until a crisis point has been reached. The model expands referral from traditional sources to include organisations that recognise the indicators of control, abuse and violence in the home, often even before individuals identify this as their experience. Rights and needs of children are paramount. The response is open to all those who have experienced control, abuse and violence in the home or identify that they are at risk. The response is premised on a triage approach with comprehensive assessment of safety and support requirements, and direct accesses to responses and resources ranging from safety strategies and immediate necessities through to therapeutic, educational and wellbeing programs. The response is informed by individual assessments for safety and support and offers a holistic family centred response focused on achieving outcomes determined by the client.

"When I first came here, I had never expected that I will get the help I needed. I was so happy with the service offered, they were so helpful and supportive. Words cannot express how thankful I am to be a client of yours. Thank you so much for supporting my children through the hard times and providing everything we needed. My children had so much fun and are grateful that they don’t want to leave here."