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Safe Futures Foundation is seeking government, community and corporate support to open the first Victorian holistic community based healing centre for men that will be known as ‘Manspace’. Many men that use control, abuse and violence are also dealing with the trauma associated with witnessing or experiencing violence earlier in life. Safe Futures is firmly committed to policing and justice responses to make sure those perpetrating family violence are made accountable for their crime. We however believe that the community must also provide support for men to address their anger and violence if we are to change the cycle of violence and create a safe future for our children. Safe Futures has secured a property to trial the very first ‘Manspace’ model for men whose partners have been granted and Intervention Order following control, abuse and violence. ‘Manspace’ will focus on the provision of:

  • Therapeutic counselling to coach and provide strategies for men to heal, become resilient and self-determining after experiencing or using control, abuse and violence in their family or personal relationship. This will include:
    • Understanding the effect of anger, control, abuse and violence on the individual and family;
    • Recognising, understanding and maintaining healthy relationships;
    • Life and relationship education;
    • Self worth, self respect, and self care;
    • Gender roles and gender equity in relationships;
    • Personal and family safety.
  • Father child relationships including:
    • Positive parenting;
    • Understanding ages and stages of childhood development;
    • Healthy eating and physical fitness.
  • Cultural expectations and traditions;
  • Access to practitioners specialising in physical, mental and allied health;
  • Numeracy and literacy assessments that inform learning plans and support pathways to education, training and employment;
  • Support at court including information on the legal consequences of breaching and subsequent criminal charges;
  • Housing support and referral;
  • Financial counselling.
"Thanks Tracy for your prompt support. The sweep of the house after the threat really helped to know we weren't being watched or listened to. I know the house is almost as safe as it can be." SIC Client