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Personal Safety Initiative

Safe Futures Foundation continued to deliver the Personal Safety Initiative for the full 2016-2017 financial year and for a few months into the new year.

The Personal Safety Initiative provided security upgrades for women who were separated from the violent partner, had their Intervention Order (IVO) in place and were at risk of the intervention order being breached. Upgrades included the provision of a smart track safety device, upgrades to security for the home and the pro- vision of CCTV to monitor the home.

The Victorian Personal Safety Initiative's key objectives were kept in the forefront of service delivery throughout the project:

  • empowering women experiencing family violence to make better choices about their safety and wellbeing;
  • providing high risk women with additional security measures to help keep her and her children safe in their homes and communities;
  • building women's understanding of the family violence response and justice systems and supporting them to report and pursue intervention order breaches in court;
  • deterring perpetrators from breaching intervention orders;
  • providing mechanisms for capturing admissible evidence in situations where breaching of IVO's are occurring; and
  • supporting police and court responses

    There were remarkable reductions in perpetrator breaches of intervention orders following the implementation of security upgrades. The Personal Safety Initiative met all the key objectives of the pilot project. A Personal Safety Initiative is now being rolled out in 17 regions across Victoria. Domestic Violence Victoria will lead the implementation with guidance provided by a State-wide Steering Committee.


  • "For a long time I felt like I didn’t matter, and putting up with everything eventually caught up with me. All I wanted was someone who understood and cared and you guys came along and have made such a big change in me and my beautiful girl's lives, I have no words to describe how thankful I am to all of you."