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Safe in the Community

Safe Futures Foundation's Safe in the Community program is an early intervention model that has evolved to offer women and children a range of options and to make informed choices about remaining safely in their own home and community.

The Safe in the Community program involves early identification of those at risk through a comprehensive risk assessment process and utilises joined-up interventions (integrated work practices) to:

  • Walk with the client from the point of connection, building on her strengths and those of her children;
  • Maintain and develop positive links with the clients' community, friends and support networks;
  • Address the immediate control, abuse and violence leading to homelessness;
  • Provide a broad range of support (financial, legal, immigration, parenting, health, counselling, education, employment, cultural and spiritual) and safe housing options and supports for the clients to consider;
  • Assistance to obtain an application for an intervention order with exclusion provisions, brokerage for increased security upgrades for the property, negotiated police responses and community supports;
  • Minimise exposure to situations of higher risk; and
  • Provide access to the Safe Futures Foundation suite of crisis programs should the safety need escalate.
"When I first came here, I had never expected that I will get the help I needed. I was so happy with the service offered, they were so helpful and supportive. Words cannot express how thankful I am to be a client of yours. Thank you so much for supporting my children through the hard times and providing everything we needed. My children had so much fun and are grateful that they don’t want to leave here."