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What we are committed to

The United Nations has identified that violence against women and girls has reached epidemic proportions and continues to be one of the most pervasive human rights violations in the world, affecting as many as one in three women and girls during their lifetime. It severely impacts survivors and comes at tremendous emotional and economic costs for families and societies. It is crucial that we now make the protection of those at risk and those experiencing violence a common cause that can unite the community across the boundaries of political orientation, religious affiliation and cultural traditions. We must stop the control, abuse and violence in our community, as this is simply unacceptable.

All at Safe Futures Foundation believe they have a fundamental obligation to speak out on behalf of those whose voices are less readily heard. We invite those who have experienced control, abuse and violence to educate and guide us. We strive to develop and deliver innovative and effective choices, opportunities and responses to those who have experienced control, abuse and violence in the home to heal, gain strength and become empowered and self-determining.

The Foundation is committed to working with our partners, communities and government to deliver the broad reaching changes that are required if we are to make a real difference.

"Thanks Tracy for your prompt support. The sweep of the house after the threat really helped to know we weren't being watched or listened to. I know the house is almost as safe as it can be." SIC Client