About Us

Who we are

The Safe Futures Foundation believes all children, young people and adults have the right to live safely in their community. We understand violence in the home to include control, abuse and physical assault. Engaging and partnering with those that can influence and create change, the Foundation is committed to building understanding on the long term impact and cycle of violence, creating solutions to protect those at risk or experiencing control, abuse and violence, and to have a community united in their commitment to ensure a safe future for all. We believe that a response ensuring those first to know are also those first to act is central to a solution that provides safety and support at the earliest possible time. We are committed to providing every child, young person and adult with choices and opportunities to holistically heal the mind, body and to reach their potential after the trauma of control, abuse and violence. We invite those who have gained strength and resilience to walk with others and inspire them to become empowered and self-determining.

"Your caring hospitality, kind thoughts and heart of gold are what have made our stay one of the most memorable experiences we will never forget. What you all do for us and the other survivors of violence out there is truly inspiring. We will always be grateful for all that you have done, and wish you all the best for what the future may have for you."