Early Intervention


Safe Futures Foundations partnership with legal aid, financial counselling and Centrelink provides timely onsite access to legal and financial advice, empowering women to make informed decisions and plan for their future needs and safety.

Legal Aid lawyers can provide advice on how to apply for intervention orders and seek conditions such as stopping the respondents from going to where you live, work or attend school or childcare, returning personal or joint property and any other conditions that make you feel safe. They can also provide advice on child support, negotiating parenting arrangements and family law matters.


A financial counsellor can assist with fines, debt reduction and debt management, negotiating with creditors and debt collectors, protecting assets from repossession and applications for financial hardship programs.


Safe Futures Family Violence case workers can also provide support to access private rental assistance for those at risk of loosing their tenancy and flexible support packages to increase personal safety and security in the home.


Early intervention through the coordination of legal and financial support and safety planning can provide real options for women and children to remain in their homes and communities preventing homelessness and ongoing financial hardship.


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