Housing Connect

Safe Futures Foundation partners with Uniting Wesley Homelessness and Support Services  to employ a dedicated housing advocate to deliver a holistic service that supports clients to maintain or establish safe, affordable long term housing, which provides a secure foundation upon which to rebuild their lives. The housing advocate works with the women's advocates to provide specialist housing information, tenant advocacy and support, rental information, access to brokerage, including startup costs and support to women to maintain or establish an affordable tenancy in the private rental market. The advocate has also built on improving existing relationships with Real Estate agents and private Landlords to increase the chances of securing tenancies for women and children.

The Housing Connect response is already seeing excellent outcomes for those wishing to remain in their own homes and communities as well as those needing to move to a new community to ensure their safety.


Stephanie was referred to the Family Violence Housing Connect program in November 2017. Stephanie and her two teenage children currently reside in Safe Futures supported transitional housing property in the east, and she is keen to remain in the area to maintain stability for the children's education and access to necessary medical support. Following an assessment with Stephanie clarifying family support needs and financial situation as a single parent and a carer of one of her children, it was agree that low income affordable social housing is the most stable long term housing option. Although Stephanie has been accepted onto the Office of Housing Priority Housing list, the Family Violence Housing Connect worker continue to explore alternative housing with the client, including private rental. Ultimately the family was successful in securing a Community Housing property with haven Home Safe and will be moving into the apartment at the end of July 2018.


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