Intake and Emergency Response & Community Connect

Safe Futures Foundation provides a seven day a week state-wide emergency accommodation response, for women and their children who have experienced family violence. These responses allow women and children at imminent risk to access immediate support and safe accommodation.


Every woman referred to Safe Futures is accommodated with her children in a fully self-contained unit some of which have universal access.


Our model of service delivery is premised on a triage approach with comprehensive assessment of support needs, risk and safety informing the referral pathway. If so, women are immediately referred to Safe Futures "Safe in the Community" team. A clearly identified benefit of early assessment is that women are able to determine if returning home, or to a new home in the same community with increased safety measures and community support is a possible and preferred outcome. If it is determined that returning to their community is not a safe option, relocation to a new community is then considered by the Community Connect team.


Safe Futures Foundation also provides longer term responses to clients with multiple and complex needs who require greater levels of support to recover from the trauma of Family Violence.


Currently the organisation provides more than 50,000 nights of accommodation and support per year, with two-thirds of that used by children.

A Snapshot of Support for Pregnant Women

The first client gave birth in early June, the oncall staff arriving at 6am. Prior to this they had contacted the ambulance and then stayed to look after the client's two other children before the pre-arranged agency staff arrived later in the morning.

The next birth came three days later! The same lucky staff were on duty and were called at just after midnight.  After alerting the ambulance and arriving to look after the two small boys the ambulance left with the mother. The staff attempted to contact the family who had been arranged to care for the children but it wasn't until almost 6am that they were able to speak to them and then transport the children to the family. With good planning the introduction went smoothly and the next day after the birth of their sister the foster family sent photos of the children to mum and then took them to the hospital for a visit. The family was from a Culturally and Linguistic Diverse background and mum was anxious about the carers but the barriers were soon broken down.

Staff work tirelessly and flexibly to ensure the best outcomes and responses to supporting pregnant women with their individual birth and support plans whilst keeping the emotional and day-to-day needs of the other children in sharp focus.


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