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Safe in Community


The Safe in Community program provides support to women and children experiencing family violence to remain safely in their homes and communities. The program also enables women to leave the home safely.  

​Our specialist Family violence case workers will meet with every woman to understand their experience and risk.

Together we will create a plan to improve safety for you and your children. 

Our case workers can support you to access legal advice in relation to intervention orders, family orders and property matters. They can support you at court and with police. They can assist with referrals to other appropriate services, liaise with and co-ordinate services and advocate on your behalf.

Our case workers are there to offer emotional support and to assist with the needs of children impacted by family violence. 


Jane's story - Seamless and Responsive Support

Intake & Emergency Response

The Intake and Emergency Response program assists women and children who are at high and extreme risk to access safe emergency accommodation. Referral for emergency accommodation is through Safe Steps.

​Our emergency accommodation consists of individual self contained units with on site staffing support and assistance. Our specialist family violence case workers will assist with intervention orders, obtaining financial and legal advice, material aid and emotional support for you and your children. They will work with you to understand your experience and the impact on your children. They will develop a short-term plan to keep you safe and provide information and support to plan the next steps.

Specialist Children's Worker


Children and young people who are impacted by family violence are victims in their own right.  Family violence can impact on a child’s development, physical, emotional and psychological health, education, peer and family relationships and connection to culture. Safe Futures acknowledges the need for children to have individualised responses tailored to meet their needs. Our service employs a specialist children’s worker to undertake risk assessments and develop plans for each child, whilst also supporting mothers in their parenting at a vulnerable time. A designated playroom space in refuge provides opportunities for children to engage in a safe and supported way to recognise and express feelings and fears, engage in play and structured activities, develop protective behaviours and identify safety networks. It also provides an opportunity for mothers to leave their children in a safe and supervised setting whilst they meet with their case worker or simply have a break.


Jake's story - Responding to Children

Community Connect


The Community Connect program provides short term accommodation for women and children who need to leave their homes and community to be free from family violence. Accommodation is provided in units and houses in the community.

Our specialist family violence case workers will discuss current and potential risk that has resulted in seeking safe accommodation. They will explore ways to return to your own home safely or support you and your children to identify and transition to other suitable housing options. 

Our women's and children's workers prioritise individual well-being and safety. They will assist with referrals and co-ordinate and liaise with appropriate services and community to meet needs and goals identified in individualised plans for you and your children. Case workers will support you at court and with police and with obtaining legal advice in relation to intervention orders family court and property matters.

For women and children who require a longer period of support and accommodation, the Community Connect team can advocate for transitional housing support. 


Refuge to Recovery. A continuum of support

Resilient Kids Resilient Women

Uniting Wesley, EACH, Australian Childhood Foundation and Safe Futures have partnered to create the Resilient Kids Resilient Women program to provide a range of therapeutic responses to support women and children who have experienced family violence.


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