Planning on Leaving?

If you are planning on leaving

  • Make a safety plan

  • Let supportive friends, family and neighbours know and keep a list of numbers handy for people who can help you in an emergency

  • Agree with your support people on a code word or line, that doesn’t alert your partner and keep it a secret

  • Keep phone numbers of family violence services safely but secretly

  • Think of a story ahead of time that you can use to escape a situation quickly

  • Be aware of dangerous places in your home eg. Kitchen where your partner may have access to weapons

  • Think about escape routes and keep them clear e.g. Sides of the house – which should be kept clear of tools

  • Tell children as much as they need to know.  Keep plans to yourself until you are ready to implement them

  • Cover your tracks – particularly around technology. Use computers outside your home e.g. library to search websites.  Delete called numbers from your phone so your partner can’t redial them

  • Consider obtaining Personal alarms

  • Consider Cyber Safety. There are many ways in which partners can keep tabs on your text messages, phone calls and location. Click here to see how you can increase your security through WESNET.


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