Our Project Partnerships

Uniting Wesley Homelessness and Support Service provide support for those currently facing or who are under immediate threat of homelessness and who have link to the Eastern Region.

Uniting Wesley and Safe Futures have partnered to created two programs - Housing Connect and First to Know First to Act.

EACH provides an integrate range of health, disability, counselling and community mental health services across Australia.

EACH has a comprehensive range of services that address physical, mental and psychosocial needs at a community and primary care level and are committed to integrated and coordinated service provision.


The Australian Childhood Foundation creates a brighter futures. The believe loving, positive relationships have the power to transform a child's experience of childhood and shape their entire life.

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The Lord Mayors Charitable Fund have provided us with a grant to implement the First to Know First to Act program.


Anglicare offers a range of program supporting families, strengthening communities and providing out-of-home care for children.

In partnership with Anglicare, Safe Futures are providing financial counselling and management service for women experiencing family violence.

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The Melbourne Women's Fund has provided the funding to implement the financial counselling program.


ECASA works onsite with our clients one day a fortnight to provide information and access to counselling services for women who have experienced sexual assault.

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Victorian Legal Aid provide consultations onsite one day a week for clients who need assistance with legal matters including intervention order matters, child assess and support and other legal issues.


Centrelink provides onsite appointments to our clients on a fortnightly basis assisting clients with their Centrelink entitlements and payments and to address any issues or queries they have regarding Centrelink payments.


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