Pathways to Resilience

The Pathways to Resilience program first began as the Resilient Kids, Resilient Women demonstration program in July 2017 in partnership with EACH, Australian Childhood Foundation and Uniting Wesley. The aim of the program is to provide therapeutic trauma-informed interventions for family violence survivors, both adults and children, to aid recovery and healing. The project aims to streamline and strengthen access to specialists services and includes:

  • Therapeutic Panning and Assessment for children and adults;

  • Therapeutic Case Management for children and young people with high complex needs;

  • Group work for women and children;

  • Counselling packages for adults and children.

As part of the consortium, Safe Futures is responsible for the delivery of Therapeutic Case Management and Group Work Programs for children and young people with complex needs.

Intensive Case Manager

The Intensive Case Manager provides flexible support and contact around interests to build trust and engagement so children are able to give voice to and share their experiences and challenges around family violence.​ Plans and goals are developed with each child. Identification, co-ordination and collaboration with key supports in the child's life is central to achieving goals and working holistically to achieve positive outcomes and healing after violence. 

Group Worker

The Children's Group Worker has led the facilitation of week playgroups including "Little Sunbeams" for children between the ages of 1-5 years. The group membership was flexible to accommodate women and children that could attend either on a on-off basis or for the whole term.

The Group Worker co-facilitates several groups with Uniting Wesley in primary and secondary schools including

  • Circle of Girls

  • Being Boys

  • Seeking Safety for Girls 

  • Seeking Safety for Boys

The service will be delivered over 2017-2019.

Report from
"Little Sunbeams"
Group Facilitator

"Little Sunbeams" got off to a great start in term 1. Part of this time was spent creating art activities with the pre-school aged children. One activity was to ask the children to paint the sky on gladwrap. Apart from paints the children use puppets, playdough, listen to story book telling, and they laugh, dance and sing. "Little Sunbeams" was designed to support and provide early intervention for families who have pre-school aged children (between the ages of 12 months to 5 years). The rationale for developing the project was that the earlier a child's needs are identified and addressed, the better the outcome for the child's development and, ultimately, the family's functioning. Participating in this program is such a joy and seeing the children's happy faces makes it all worth while


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