Safe In Community

The Safe in Community program provides support to women and children in the Eastern Suburbs who are experiencing the effects of abuse or are at risk of further harm due to family violence.

The women we meet have the opportunity to be supported while staying closely connected to family and community by remaining in their homes or moving to a more sustainable property within the community they live. This may not only have a positive affect on their well-being and recovery, but it is their right and choice to do so.

For these people we support them to do this in the safest way.

The stories that come with individuals or families we first meet are all separable from one another and it is not unusual that the layers of complexities have become overwhelming for them to deal with. Our individualistic response relies on us hearing their story and is tailored to suit their needs. The pathway our clients have taken to become connected to our service can begin with a query being made on their behalf from another service, in the form of a secondary consult or with a more defined process in the form of a phone referral.  This may come from Community Services, police, legal agencies and hospital social workers. Importantly, after receiving our number or reconnecting - having already used our service - the affected person may self-refer. With our referral form being circulated amongst services, the agencies that send them through are widespread and we receive them from hospital emergency, psychologists, counselors, family and children's services, homelessness agencies and mentoring programs. The Safe in the Community program provides a women's advocate who can:

  • Carry out a comprehensive Intake and Risk Assessment form, which provides the essential information needed to develop a Safety Plan and a Case Plan;

  • We can offer a referral to a Children's Advocate within Safe Futures;

  • We then provide practical information and emotional support so clients can implement their safety plan and remain in their own homes, with hopefully less fear and risk of further harm;

  • We provide information to clients about the elements of Family Violence that affect people and assist them to understand their rights under current legislation applicable to their individual situation;

  • We can provide advocacy and support with Solicitors, Child Protection and Family Court and referrals to appropriate professionals and services; and

  • We can arrange for interpreter services through the Victorian Interpreting and Translating Service if required.

Client Experience of Recovery

"7 year old Jake has experienced significant family violence and rejection from those closest to him, resulting in him developing many fears.

As a part of my work with this young boy to assist him to better deal with his fears I gave him a quilted blanket (donated by Waverley Quilters Guild) and he immediately wrapped it around himself, saying it was not a blanket but rather a "cape".

We named the blanket his "safety cape" and he immediately took to the idea that this cape would keep him safe if he felt scared. He uses his cape to assist him to sleep at night.

The cape has worked so well for this young boy that many of his significant fears have either drastically reduced or disappeared completely and he now refers to himself as a "Super Hero" whilst wearing his cape around his shoulders"


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