How you can seek help?

If you and your children are being threatened or are in imminent danger, or if you feel that the level of risk to you may soon escalate to such a level, call the emergency services on 000.

​If you require emergency accommodation, call Safe Steps on 1800 015 188.​

Tips for Increasing your Safety


Every situation of family violence is different, and it is crucial that the actions and advice you take are safe for you.  Below are some tips which may be useful for you:​

  • A trusted person - Confide in someone you know you can trust and agree on the ways you would like their support. Advise your trusted person that confronting your perpetrator will not improve your situation, and my increase your risk.

  • Cyber security - Be cyber aware: there are many ways in which perpetrators can keep tabs on your internet browsing, social media use, test messages and phone calls. 

  • Safety at home - Identify areas of your home where you are less likely to become trapped by your perpetrator. There may be areas with doors and windows where there is little that could easily be used as a weapon

Other Services and Resources

The following services and websites provide family violence information and resources:


Call 000

Safe Steps
on 1800 015 188